If trichotillomania is affecting you or a loved ones life, then this will be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read…

“…Announcing a natural trichotillomania treatment that is proven to stop your hair pulling within minutes…”

Dear Reader:

I am writing this letter for two reasons….

1. To let others suffering from trichotillomania or trichophagia know that there is real help that doesn’t require expensive therapies or dangerous medications.

2.To share with you my personal story of how I was able to recover from the vicious illness, and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

The secret to getting rid of your trichotillomania isn’t to by using will power… it isn’t by taking dangerous drugs or talking to a therapist for hours…

Most people try these things and wonder why their trich wont go away.

But I was able to get rid of my trichotillomania almost instantly, once I used these three simple steps.

So how did I do it?

Well for the record, I’m actually a pretty regular girl.. You know, I’m not a doctor,

So how did I go from being anxious all of the time and plucking hairs from my head every day…To feeling at ease and pull free?

Well, let me start of by saying that I know that YOU want to be pull free too, but what do most people do? They put off getting rid of their trich or just use the wrong approach.

Sure once and a while you’ll have a little luck and quit pulling for a couple weeks.

But then, it comes back.

In fact, most people give up. And settle with having bald patches and living a life of anxiety.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way,


I had trichotillomania from age 15 to 22….The doctors and everyone made it seem like i wanted to pull my hair out! But really, it felt like my brain was tightening and tugging ever so gently on my nerves if i didn’t pull!

Whenever I was stressed, anxious or bored, I would go into a trance like state. Next thing I knew, half of my eyelashes were missing, or I would have a bald patch on the top of my head!

It upset me when people would tell me to stop pulling…it wasn’t my choice! I tried covering up the results of my pulling with hats and makeup, I was so embarrassed! I wanted more than anything to stop the urge, I just wanted to feel normal again…IT WAS AS IF I WAS CURSED!

When I was sixteen my mother made me see a psychiatrist..what a waste of money! I was also put on an antidepressant medication. I tried everything..nothing seemed to work..I even missed my senior prom due to the fact I was missing half of my eyelashes and the top of my head was so sparse I couldn’t cover it up. I really hated how everywhere I went people looked at me different.

Trichotillomania was really starting to affect my social life, my love life was non existent, and I had a feeling my future would be in jeopardy if I didn’t find a solution fast. My family was spending thousands to do whatever they could. I wondered if there were more people like me…

“Thats when I decided I was going to find a solution, one that I could share with other people suffering from this vicious cycle..one that didn’t require expensive therapy or dangerous medication.”

HOW I FINALLY FOUND A SOLUTION, And why you cant lose hope….

In college, I enrolled in a speed reading class that changed my life. I read an array of over 160 self improvement and cognitive therapy books, each of which i collected the most important techniques on changing behavior.

I started applying them to myself. And before long, I suddenly found myself without the urge to pull..A miracle? No. Just a concept and proved method that actually worked.

Although it took me a over a year and $1,800 in books to put together few simple yet powerful ideas, it was worth it.

I had figured out a step by step system to remove ALL of my trichotillomania symptoms. And all without weird hypnosis, medications, psychiatrists, or hair restoration. This time it was permanent! Sound unbelievable? Let me explain in just a moment…

But before I forget…

I have been pull free for 2 years and 6 months now, I can say with pride that i am now a much happier person. I even carry myself differently. I recently attended my best friends wedding where I was the maid of honor, I was able to style my hair down the middle and curl it..I even brought a date :) This has been the best few years of my life since I got rid of trichotillomania. The best part is being able to spend my day thinking about something other than my hair and eyelashes. I am no longer obsessed or feel the need to pull.

I feel more so much more alive, I can now channel my energy towards other more positive things. As a result of my success, I dedicated a year developing a system to help others alike stop pulling.


I spent a grand total of 7 years and over $22,000 struggling with my hair pulling habit, and I don’t want you to have to do the same.

That’s why I want to give you a chance to try a system that will remove all traces of your trichotillomania within minutes, all in three simple steps. It doesn’t use will power, just the willingness to try something new.

Now you could spend months, or years searching through content or reading books to figure out a system that works to stop you hair pulling.

Or, you can take advantage of the time I took to end trichotillomania, and stop hair pulling within minutes.

That’s why I decided to spare you some time.  So I put all of the most valuable tools I learned and tested into a step by step video system that will get rid of your trichotillomania almost immediately.

You CAN stop hair pulling on your own, but you do need the right tools and the right approach. Now this is no magic cure where you can just use positive thinking. If your garden has weeds growing in it, and you keep telling yourself “There is no weeds” There is no weeds” “There is no weeds” Do you think you are going to wake up one day to a beautiful thriving garden? Probably not.

Whatever your situation is, I want to help you get rid of your trichotillomania for good.

My system is the only system that is tailored to treat each individual who watches it specifically.

Now I’m not kidding around here, for every technique I teach you. I probably tried 50 that didn’t work..


Well, consciously, we all want to stop pulling our hair. Then why cant we stop!??

Its because subconsciously, for a reason we are yet to discover..it has become automatic, and we are trying to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

When you actually do as I show you, your trichotillomania symptoms will stop automatically. So you wont even have to think about it anymore.

One of the things the stop hair pulling system does for you is uncover the reason behind the trich. The system starts by treating the cause, instead of the effect of your hair pulling, and that is the first step to being pull free.

Lets face it, even though you may not want to admit it..there is something that triggered you to start pulling for the first time, The Quit Trich Quick System helps you find out what triggers you to pull..

But it doesn’t stop there..

Because my goal is not only to find out what triggers your symptoms, but to get you to stop pulling as fast as possible, permanently.

Now here is some examples of what you’re going to learn to quit trichotillomania for good:

  •  This video system is the only one in its kind because it starts by treating the cause instead of the effect. Its about understanding what triggers us to pull. Once we do that, we can treat the cause. Instead of the symptoms. But my main concern is not to tell you why you pull your hair, it is to get you to stop pulling as fast as possible. I’m not going to give you a bunch of theory on why you might have
  • You’re going to learn 4 foundations you need to know to quit trichotillomania permanently, and create lasting change, starting by associating more pain to pulling than pleasure.
  •  And you’re going to learn 3 up to date techniques to necessary to apply and utilize in order to permanently quit your hair pulling compulsions. The techniques video uses all of the foundations to literally reprogram your brain to associate more pain to pulling than pleasure, thus removing all hair pulling symptoms almost instantly. It does this all subconsciously, so that it now becomes automatic not to pull.Ultimately, you complete the program pull free :)
  •  This system literally reconditions your nervous system, so that all of the bad thoughts and feelings you have will disappear along with your hair pulling. This means that you will never have to struggle with will power or any thoughts you might have about your trichotillomania ever again.
  • You are at zero risk trying this system.  Because I know that these techniques work and get results, I will let you keep my system FREE if you decide its not for you.


 AND WHATS BEST IS THAT IT DOES ALL OF THIS FOR YOU IN 20 MINUTES, all you have to do is sit back and press play. Sounds easy right? You wont have to leave the house to see the doctor or therapist or pick up a prescription. The stop hair pulling system I created at my own risk gives you the privilege to destroy this vicious cycle all in the comfort of your own home.

Without a step by step system, is is nearly impossible to stop hair pulling on your own, this tried and true trichotillomania treatment is the only way I have found that actually worked for me and stuck permanently.

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  • 1. QUIT TRICH QUICK SYSTEM TEACHES YOU MORE INFO THAN YOUR DOCTOR PERHAPS CAN OR WILL Today, doctors will write a prescription or send you to a rehabilitation. Those things only mask your problems, not to mention cost an arm and a leg..this video system guides you though a series of videos, to fix the problem naturally. It does that by laying a solid foundation and techniques to remove any unwanted behavior. No longer will you have to sit through multiple sessions, no medication, no dermatologists. Instead you can treat your trichotillomania instantly in the comfort of your home.
  • 2. QUIT TRICH QUICK SYSTEM WILL INCREASE YOUR ODDS TO END TRICHOTILLOMANIA BY 99% The other 1% applies to those who are not 100% committed to put their trichotilomania to an end…but i don’t think you would be reading this letter if you were’nt committed.
  • 3. THIS IS THE LAST TRICHOTILLOMANIA SITE YOU WILL EVER HAVE TO VISIT– This is the only site that uses techniques tested by an ex trichotillomania sufferer. Furthermore, the gauranteed techniques specifically cater to those with trichotilllomania. You are just minutes away from ending your hair pulling compulsions.
  • 4. QUIT TRICH QUICK SYSTEM WORKS WELL-The three step system that will virtually end your hair pulling for you GETS RESULTS QUICK. It gets to the root of the problem almost instantly, and from there you learn the techniques that stick into place with little effort to ensure you can stop your hair pulling permanently and without willpower. The quit trich systems works by reconditioning your nervous system to stop pulling, meaning that all of the thoughts and feelings that come along with your compulsions will be gone immediately.Your money is even backed by a 60 day guarantee. If you don’t notice positive and visual results by day 59–then I don’t want your money. But frankly, I don’t think I could have achieved over 200 and growing enthusiastic subscribers to this video system so far if that were the case.

Furthermore, I’d like to say that once you introduce these techniques into your memory, your hair pulling will be a thing of the past. And you’ll be on a path to the life you deserve. If you truly want a pull free lifestyle of confidence, beauty, and empowerment..then this system is going to be your lucky charm.


Imagine how much easier your life will be once you have relief from trichotillomania…

How your family and friends will respect you, the compliments you will receive, the events you will be able to attend. How at ease you will feel talking about hair and makeup..less stares, more real conversations. No more sleepless nights, just peace of mind. For just a small amount, you will be saving yourself a lifetime of stress, anxiety, and embarrassment. picture what that will mean to your life.

  • 1. EASY TO FOLLOW TRAINING I’ve made sure that the videos are all simple and enjoyable to follow, there is even a free digital workbook included to follow along with the program.
  • 2. YOU’LL LEARN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO END TRICHOTILLOMANIA WITHIN MINUTES Just sit back, relax and follow the simple steps!
  • 3. GET INSTANT RESULTS AND START SEEING HAIR GROWTH QUICK! I’ve even included a special bonus report on how to speed up hair growth.

The QUIT TRICH QUICK system is the most effective product on the market by any means, and that’s why I would like to offer you it today for only $47.00. The reason I have set the price so low is because I want to help as many people as possible. You will not find a more fun, easy, and cost efficient way to permanently stop trichotillomania in its tracks–take it from someone who’s been there. What’s awesome is that I have done all of the labor for you. So instead spending years trying to gather all of the info I have put together for you, and taking all of the long roads, you can take a huge shortcut in life because I have mapped out all of the right ones for you.


“Thank you Valerie! I have struggled with pulling my hair since I could remember! Nothing has ever worked for me, I was going to give up… BUT your product worked so well for me! I started dating and I feel so good about myself! Thank you so much!” 

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I make it so easy to stop your hair pulling compulsion I’m practically doing it for you

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO QUIT TRICH QUICK MEMBERS AREA-The exclusive members area is for quit trich customers only, its where all of the videos and bonus goodies are.
  • 24 HR ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE- Just send an email to quittrichquick@gmail.com for any customer support.
  • QUIT TRICH QUICK DIGITAL VIDEO SYSTEM- This 20 minute system uses advanced reconditioning strategies to ensure you never pull again.
  • QUIT TRICH QUICK DIGITAL WORKBOOK-This downloadable workbook was made as an extra for you to follow along with.

You dont want to miss out on this, I’m going to let you TRY my system and apply the techniques, if you don’t get immediate results, then you have 60 days to get 100% of your money back. Gauranteed.


My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Keep in mind that if for some reason, after watching the video system and applying its techniques to yourself, in the privacy of your own home, you decide its not for you.. then you keep it, absolutely free. Just refund your product within 60 days for your full money back, no questions asked. NO RISK! But I would like to say that if you agree that it does its job – I have included a special bonus report along with your system that teaches a few tips and tricks to speed up hair growth once you have become pull free. Don’t miss out!

The best part is, you dont even have to download anything. Just click on the link at the bottom of this letter and you will be redirected to a secure and easy to follow order form, which then directs you to a members area that you can access from ANY computer where you’ll find everything you need to stop hair pulling.

Aside from that, I am confident to say that this will be your last attempt to end trichotillomania once and for all. I have made this experience effortless to understand and enjoyable for you. Plus you are going to learn a lot along the way about how your brain works.

The quit trick system is the best way for you to successfully remove trichotillomania, and you can start using techniques given to you and see results immediately.

So why not stop those embarrassing trichotillomania symptoms today?

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Trust me, you’re going to love the way you feel once your done.. I hope you get a ton of value from the Quit Trich Quick system..

Best of luck,

Valerie Barden

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